Jesus in Sheol

Allow me to recommend a very special book on this website. The book of Jesus in Sheol tells the story of the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ in a way that has been forgotten for a long time. Discover what the Bible says about the structure of the earth and the large underground waters, how Jesus descended below the waters to Hell (Sheol) and three days later, at the resurrection, He ascended up from the depths. The book explains the biblical truth about the salvation based on preachings of great Bible teachers such as E. W. Kenyon, Kenneth Hagin and Derek Prince.

The basic version of the book is a bachelor's thesis written in the 1990's. Since then, the text of this book has been taught in more than 30 Christian churches and in Bible schools. This teaching about the suffering and resurrection of Jesus Christ has been a great success everywhere!

Over the years before email became common, this thesis had been xeroxed so many times that the copies became so pale that no further copies could be made. Someone then re-typed the whole thesis and printed it out, in order to make it available for further copies!

Later, it was distributed to even more people via e-mail.
Christians uploaded this preaching to several web pages, and it is even listed on a private website as one of the best Christian books among the works of Derek Prince, F. F. Boswort, C.H. Spurgeon and similar recognised authors.

Someone even made a video for the thesis and uploaded it to the Internet.

We truly recommend the book for every Christian as well as for anyone who is interested in the supernatural world!

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